With most mass-produced fountains on the market, the water either cascades down a stone or trickles from leaf to leaf, generally with an annoying sound. They are often poorly constructed and difficult to maintain. Charles White's designs, on the other hand, are elegant works of art, built by hand to function properly, with gentle, soothing sounds and easy maintenance. Created specifically for indoors operation, they also can add just the right touch of humidity to your home or office in dry Southwestern climates, winter conditions anywhere, and even your wine cellar.

His sculptures are elegant and show a sublime mastery of metalwork, as well as the occasional touch of whimsy.

As with any fountain, the use of good water is a must, and you would want nothing else in your environment. Distilled or reverse osmosis water is recommended for easiest maintenance. Most of the fountains can be customized to your specifications, and all are available in various colored patinas or in a plain copper finish. If you have specific needs or a different idea, custom designs are available.

All fountains are made to order on receipt of 50% down payment, with remaining 50% due on notification of imminent shipping. Prices listed do not include shipping, which is calculated at time of order. LAYAWAYS ARE WELCOME!